Tagrelax™ Sleep Mask

Tagrelax™ is one of the world’s most effective and comfortable blackout sleeping mask designed to block out light and induce the deepest possible sleep in an instant, in any environment!

Tagrelax™ Sleep Mask


Instantly Sleep In Any Environment

Regardless of where you're, once you don this amazing 100% light-blocking sleeping mask, you are certain of sleeping off almost instantly. Whether you're on an airplane, train, car or simply in your work space and need a break, you will find Tagrelax™ super effective for those quick naps.

100% Complete Light Blocking Feature

Tagrelax™ has a 100% full light blackout feature in its designed which is aimed at optimizing its functionality. Tagrelax™ designers realized that a strip of light filtering into your face is enough to interrupt deep sleep and REM which could cause fatigue even after sleeping.

Unparalleled Comfort for Long Use

Regardless of how long you plan to wear Tagrelax™ Sleeping Mask, be rest assured you will be in complete comfort. There's zero discomfort from wearing the sleeping mask for long periods because its material is woven using a unique detailing design to ensure you feel no inconvenience.

The Revolutionary Sleeping Secret

With this sleep-inducing, beautifully-crafted sleep mask, you are 100% guaranteed to fall asleep wherever you’re, regardless of time. Tagrelax™ is made from a comfortable cloth material designed for your maximum sleeping comfort. It has the world’s highest degree of light blocking capability ensuring you always enjoy the deepest sleep possible.


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Customers Reviews

Biggest Discovery!
"Tagrelax™ happens to be my biggest discovery last year. I love this sleeping mask and use it every night to sleep soundly. Mind you, I tried several others before I got this one. If you need a perfect sleeping mask, just get Tagrelax™."
Kingsley M.
South Africa

Attractive design!
"I got this for wife last 2 months after her previous mask fell apart. According to her, this one is much more comfortable and helps her fall asleep almost instantly. I might have to get one for myself soon."
Charlie E.
United States

Cozy product!
"Listen, guys, this is the perfect sleeping companion for all those long trips where you don't know what to do with yourself. I don't go anywhere long distance without mine."
Jen L.
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