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Instantly Sleep With Ease Using Tagrelax™!

Snoring by a partner can easily become a problem to enjoying deep, refreshing sleep. The Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents was designed to effectively tackle this challenge with ease. It’s made with medical-grade silicon for increased durability. An advanced conical shape and a slit design means the Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents prevent snoring, sleep apnea and dry mouth while keeping unwanted particles out of your nose as you sleep.

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Effective to Block Out Snoring

Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents is effective to block out snoring so you can enjoy a smooth sleep regardless when you’re sleeping with company. If your sleep is often affected by noise, this device will give your the quiet experience needed to soothe your auditory system and lull you to deep sleep with ease.

Features of the Tagrelax™ SleepPods

  • Effective to Block Out Snoring
  • A Perfect Antidote to Snoringe
  • Ideal Travel Companion
  • Anti-snore Noise Filtering

A Perfect Antidote to Snoring

Perhaps a friend or partner needs a solution to their snoring problem, Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents is effective for this challenge. It cuts off or stop unpleasant snoring while you sleep. Our ear plugs are made from the best quality materials to provide the wearer with comfort as they enjoy a peaceful rest time.

Ideal Travel Companion

When you’re on the move, you need as much peace of mind as you can garner to be in top shape for the unexpected. Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents is designed to help you relax ina fast, snoreless nap when you take a break anywhere you find yourself. It is the ideal travel companion for globe trotters and you’d definitely enjoy owning the Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents.

Anti-snore Noise Filtering

Snoring can be very sleep-disruptive but thanks to Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents snore filtering system, you can kiss goodbye to snoring. Alternatively, you can also gift Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents to your loved one who snores and save yourself from sleep deprivations.

About Tagrelax™

Tagrelax™ Sleeping Mask perfectly blocks light, including day light, is comfortable for long wear and lasts the duration. Comparatively, other sleep masks cause discomfort when worn for long, don’t completely block light and wear out quite fast.

We are confident about Tagrelax™ and its performance and encourage you to try it out. Our 1000+ positive reviews serves as a testament to it effectiveness. You deserve quality sleep if you must live healthy and perform at your optimal best. Therefore, we have designed Tagrelax™ to help you maximise the rehabilitative power of sleep and enjoy better rest and health.

Non-exchangeable & Non-refundable Item

Please be advised that due to the sensitive nature of this product with regards to hygiene and sanitary purposes and discounted sale item, the Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents is fully non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable.

Tagrelax™ Reviews

973 Reviews

Kingsley M.
“Tagrelax™ happens to be my biffest discovery last year. I love this sleeping mask and use it every night to sleep soundly. Mind you, I tried several others before I got this one. If you need a perfect sleeping mask, just get Tagrelax™.”

Celine P.
“I had trouble sleeping for the past 5 months. I still don’t know what caused this but all I can say right now is that, it stopped as soon as I bought Tagrelax™ Sleeping Mask.”

Charlie E.
“I got this for wife last 2 months after her previous mask fell apart. According to her, this one is much more comfortable and helps her fall asleep almost instantly. I might have to get one for myself soon.”

Jen L.
“Listen, guys, this is the perfect sleeping companion for all those long trips where you don’t know what to do with yourself. I don’t go anywhere long distance without mine.”

Celine W.
“Tagrelax™ is one of my best purchases as far as I can tell. I go everywhere with as you can’t tell where you might need a quick nap.”

Dorothy S.
“Very solid product. Highly recommended”.

Laura H.
“What I love most about this sleeping mask is the fit. You can adjust it as you please without light entering your face. Just get this if you feel you need it.”

Diane P.
“Comfortable for long wear. It leaves no marks on the face too.”

Michelle K.
“Tagrelax™ is so good at what it does. Ever since I got it, I’ve been able to sleep easier on the go without embarassing myself.”

Todd K.
“It’s top quality and this is from someone who has used many sleeping mask products. I will buy another one soon.”

Bernice R.
“My sleep has never been better since I got Tagrelax™ sleeping mask.”

Kimberly M.
“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always battled episodes of insomnia. Growing up, I started using sleeping masks. This is the best I have used.”

Donna T.
“Very good sleeping mask.”

Jennifer B.
“Just buy one already, it’s worth every dollar and more.”

Yvonne G.
“If you’re often on the move and need to rest your head a bit. Tagrelax™ Sleeping Mask does the job perfectly well. 10/10!”

Linda Q.
“I have been using mine for close to a year now and it’s almost as good as new. It’s exactly as described. Good product.”

Nico B.

Venus C.
“Hands down, the best sleeping mask I have owned. Comfortable and very effective in blocking out light even in broad day light. I go to work with this daily.”

Vinnie L.
“Top brand, I had some doubts when I read the product description and it seemed too good to be true. But to be honest, I have not seen anything I didn’t like.”

Janet T.
“You will sleep better with this on, anywhere, anyplace. Trust me on that. Highly approve of this sleeping mask.”

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Weight 208 g
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1 x TagRelax™ No-Snore Vents, 2 x TagRelax™ No-Snore Vents, 3 x TagRelax™ No-Snore Vents


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Tagrelax™ No-Snore Vents
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